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Custom software to help you get leaner, more efficient and ready to scale.

Speed up workflow, eliminate manual labor and automate sales without losing your unique spark.

  • Custom software captures your essence and solves your unique challenges in a way that off-the-shelf solutions just can’t do.
  • TedLite’s software is built for business - fully cloud-based and designed to churn out data insights to help you scale up.
  • We bring expertise from our work with industries and organizations of all kinds, and use our insight to get you better results.

Doing business is so much easier when you can shed the tasks that weigh you down.

  • We have required know how to integrate your custom software with existing applications and external services
  • Once integrated, we make sure they work as designed - that's resilience 
how to get started

Few Simple Steps
in the development process

Stage 1

Scope of Work

Stage 2

Planning and Research

Stage 3

User Experience (UX) Design

Stage 4


Stage 5

Testing and QA

Stage 6

Review and Launch

Custom Application Development

Work with a Dedicated
Development team

There are a lot of pre-packaged apps available in the market that address a lot of business needs. However not all of them meet the business requirement straight away. Customizations are inevitable. The cost of the packaged solution and the cost, time to do the customization’s, decide if a packaged app is to be used or not. Even today there is an equal number of custom apps being built as packaged apps do not fit the bill all the time.

Microsoft .Net platform is a leading technology used for building custom apps. .Net is a popular platform and a lot of business critical solutions are built on .Net platform. TedLite has been working on .Net solutions right from its inception. We have built reusable frameworks which can be used for building custom solutions. We have certified .net professionals and architects who design complex custom solutions for our end clients.


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Perhaps some FAQs

What does custom software cost?

The cost of your software will depend on its complexity, the systems to be integrated and the support needed. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote.

Will we need to have a meeting to discuss my software needs?

Most of the time, a meeting isn't necessary and the work is completed with discussions over skype, call, or email. However, sometimes it's useful to visit your location and sit across the table to analyse your infrastructure in person. We upload our work to a private web server that only clients can access. We then work with you to discuss the site and review changes. The software is not launched until it looks and functions exactly as you want it to.

Why is custom software an expensive investment?

Custom software is built when off the shelf software does not work for the purpose required, or off the shelf software is too cumbersome to use. Custom software saves licensing fees and training efforts as it is designed to closely match the existing organizational processes. Since the customer owns the intellectual property there are no longer term licensing costs, but the upfront investment is often higher due to all the effort going into the program at the onset.

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How long does it take to have a custom software designed?

The approximate time-frame to develop any software depends on its type and complexity.

If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet it. To know the exact time-frame to develop your software, you can consult our experts and we will get back to you with the answers.

We are worried about support. How will the team handle it?

We offer a range of on-going support services. Our SLAs can go as low as 2 business hours, but most of our customers rarely need that level of support

What control do we have over the project?

You will have complete control over your project. Our assigned Project Manager will act as your single-point-of-contact and will work closely with your guidelines.

How do we keep ourselves informed about progress?

We use Agile scrum development methodology. You will be an integral part of sprint planning - from the start during sprint planning and again for the review before the release date.