What looks nice - sells well

Explainer videos

Tell Your Business & Products with Professional Explainer Video,

High-quality Explainer Videos with creative storytelling through a great visual experience will engage a number of audiences and helps to stand out from the competitors.

  • Increasing conversions
  • Improving SEO search rankings with video content – after all, 70% of the top 100 search listings include video!
  • Keeping viewers on your page for 2X longer
  • Getting the word out about your product – videos are easy to share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Repurposing for various needs – an explainer video can be repurposed for an investor pitch, an email signature, among other uses
Write the video script

Scripting is the start of all video production. We understand your product/ service/ vision and match it to the need

Music & sound effects

Music and Sounds are another dimension of the feel in a video. Your choice or we help you with the choice of the same.

Explainer video production

We use the top of the line tools for production of videos. Quality is paramount for us.

Review and Finalize

Review phase will seal the deal as we listen to you, proof read and finalize.

Explainer videos

Work with a Dedicated
Design team

Developing an explainer animated video that’s able to elevate your brand involves a lot of time, planning, expertise, and creativity. TedLite is one of the best explainer video companies in Bangalore, India who creates engaging animated explainer videos. 

We as one of the top explainer video company in the industry, use our expertise and resources to produce whiteboard, 2d explainer videos for your business in a reasonable and apparently engaging method. We create professional explainer videos in a simple, engaging and compelling way that rapidly grab the viewer’s attention. On the off chance that you’d like some assistance with explainer videos, don’t spare a moment to connect us!

Get your ideas
transformed into captivating videos!

Perhaps some FAQs

How is the Video Style & Themes chosen ?

Depending on your objective, your target audience and the messaging, we can help you determine the most appropriate format for your explainer video. Styles include whiteboard animation, 2D animation, videos created using stock footage, videos shot live and GIFS. We sometimes use a mix of styles depending on what we need to achieve.

What are the steps involved in creating an animated explainer video?

We have a stringent process to ensure that our team and yours are aligned at every step of the way. Please visit our process page to know more.

Do you use templates to create explainer videos?

All our explainer videos are custom made based on your brief, your target audience and the message you want to convey. Working with templates can be very limiting and we would need to retro fit the script to fit the template - not a good idea or effective in terms of communication. So, no, we don’t use templates.

How do I ensure that I like the final explainer video?

Neither you nor us would want to be in a situation where you don’t know what you’re going to get. That’s exactly why, we have a proven 4 step approval process. We do not move to the next step until the previous step has been approved in writing. The 4 steps are – approval of script, approval of art style, approval of story board and approval of voice over. We will make unlimited revisions at every stage till you are satisfied.

Can I organise my own voiceover?

Absolutely—just send us the final, edited audio file. However, unless you have experience in voice acting and audio production, we would recommend against recording your own voiceover. You're likely to be much happier with a voiceover recorded by a professional voice talent—and we're happy to organise this for you at cost.

Will you write the script, or should I?

Some clients have a very firm idea about how they want to tell their story, and possess the copywriting skills to create a high quality script on their own. Others trust us to craft a succinct, engaging script—with their input, of course. We can work with you, regardless of which camp you fall into.

Can you organise background music?

We're more than happy to choose an appropriate track, or point you in the right direction to help you choose one yourself.