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Film & Video editing

Do you need skilled video editing to give your raw footage a professional polish? In our cutting edge editing suite, we can turn your footage into memorable, impactful and professionally edited videography that’s guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention.

Why hire a video editor?

Video editing is an art form that draws on both technical and creative skills, and our editors are tech-savvy storytellers that go above and beyond to create stunning pieces of beautifully cut videography.

Whether you’re an established brand, start-up, charity or family, we can professionally edit your video in our post production studio and bring your story to life. We provide bespoke video editing services to a wide range of corporate and individual clients all around the globe.

Get in touch if you require video editor for:

  • Promotional videos, commercials or ads
  • Corporate or event presentations
  • Explainer and training videos
  • Health and safety videos
  • TV programmes


Anyone can film a video, but it takes a professional video editor with the proper tools to turn this footage into a quality, eye-catching product. There’s a huge difference between a professionally edited video and a homemade video – a distinction that becomes all the more important if you’re creating video content for business purposes:

We’ll save you time. A video editing company has the tools, the software and the skills to edit faster than you ever could at home or in the office.

We’ll save you money. A high-quality video requires professional software and a powerful workstation, both of which are expensive. Let us take care of the overhead costs for you.

The professional touch. Our Melbourne video editors are qualified and experienced professionals who will look at your project from a different angle and a different perspective. Plus, we know all the tricks of the trade to make your video better.


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Perhaps some FAQs

What is user experience (UX)?

User Experience refers to the overall experience or feeling a digital product gives unto or leaves a user. It is usually how a user journeys through app, website, or system, and the like.

What is user interface (UI)?

User Interface (UI) is the graphical layout of an app, website or system. It triggers the emotional aspect of the user. Hence, the brand, its colors, shapes, etc... are incorporated and fit into the whole screen and experience.

What's the difference between UX and UI design?

UX Design is the phase where user-device interaction flow is being plotted, while UI Design pertains to the visual aspects present in the whole digital experience.

What does a UI/UX designer do?

UI and UX Designers collaborates in crafting the navigation journey and incorporates the right visuals to an app, website, or system in order to fulfil the goal of the digital product. They are sometimes the same person, too.

What tools do UI/UX designers use?

UI/UX designers in TedLite are skilled in InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools for graphics and layout.

How much does UI/UX design cost?

If you are interested in our UI/UX design services for mobile and web, feel free to hit the start now button above.  Cost of each project has many dependencies like scope of work, time taken to work, any extra services used from external agencies etc.