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DevOps is the practice of developer and operations teams working together to deliver better software, and ultimately better value to the organisation. The principles focus on continuously seeking new ways to break down silos and eliminate inefficiencies whilst improving development lifecycle times and maintaining a consistently high standard of software quality and reliability.

We work with our customers to build and cultivate a DevOps culture; creating teams that value automation, speed to market, and the ability to iterate quickly in response to customer feedback. Benefits to organizations range from increased business agility, cost control and increased quality, shorter time to value realisation and improved visibility

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Continuous integration & Continuous delivery

We deploy continuous integration and delivery practices which reduce time to value and improve engagement and ownership by software teams by building capability for the long term.

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Cost Optimisation

Our team can help both create and operate frameworks for controlling cost, design financial systems for best consumption of cloud services as well as advising on how best to consume cloud effectively.

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From improved application delivery quality and utilisation to modernisation, the benefits of containerisation are numerous. We help customers navigate the containerisation process, ensuring its smooth running, from creating an appropriate build and deploy pipeline to setting up for container orchestration frameworks such as ECS and Kubernetes.

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Infrastructure Automation

With experience using major infrastructure automation frameworks, such as CloudFormation, Terraform, CDK and Ansible, our team can provide guidance on the best fit to suit business needs. We are well versed in automation of both Windows and Linux infrastructures and have broad knowledge of available AWS services.

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With deep experience on the AWS platform, we help customers understand the state of their systems and respond rapidly and automatically to changes. We have capability in Cloud Watch Metrics, Logs, Log Insights and Alarms as well as X-Ray, Guard Duty, Config Rules and Cloud Trail to maintain visibility of the health of entire environments.

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Perhaps some FAQs

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software engineering practice and more of a culture that unifies software development and operational teams for continuous and quick product deliveries.

What are the key business benefits of DevOps?

DevOps practice allows quick and efficient product deliveries with shorter development cycles, high deployment frequency and more dependable releases in line with business objectives.

What is a DevOps toolchain?

Code, Build, Test, Package, Release, Configure and Monitor form the effective 'DevOps toolchain' which also includes Continuous Integration and Infrastructure as a Code as key elements.

What tools and platforms does Tedlite’s DevOps Uses?

Tedlite uses various tools and platforms for successful DevOps implementation. Jenkins, TeamCity and Travis are used for Automation; Chef, Puppet Labs and Ansible for Configuration Management; OpenStack, Docker, and VMWare for Compute Virtualization; and Flocker, OpenZFS and Delphix for Data Virtualization.

What are DevOps goals?

The DevOps delivery pipeline ensures faster deployment frequency, faster market time, lower failure rate of new releases and faster mean recovery time. DevOps aims at faster development and deployment cycles through continuous testing, quality testing, feature development and maintenance releases for improved reliability and security.

What is Tedlite DevOps process methodology?

Tedlite has a well-defined DevOps implementation process that incorporates the Agile principles of close collaboration between customers, product management, developers, and quality assurance for faster product delivery. Assessment and Planning, Pilot Framework Creation and Implementation form the major aspects of Tedlite DevOps consulting service offering.

What is TedLite’s DevOps framework?

TedLite’s DevOps follows the standard 6C DevOps practices to ensure Continuous Business Planning, Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Monitoring and Collaborative Customer Feedback and Optimization.

In Which Industries can you find DevOps organizations?

DevOps is on-demand everywhere. Irrespective of size and revenues, every organization from SMBs to large enterprises, DevOps is the need of the hour to break the siloes between the operating teams. DevOps have shown the industries and respective organizations the new way of software culture driven by collaboration and enhanced communication.